Women’s Ministry: Annet’s Story

Annet’s First Days at NEATS

Annet is nineteen years old. She is South Sudanese from the small southern village of Kajo Keji. Due to fighting in South Sudan, she is living in Uganda as a refugee. Annet was raised by a single mother. Her father left during the pregnancy. She was raised in a home that claimed to be Christian but was never taught true biblical doctrine.

How did you come to know Christ? 

She considered herself to be a Christian but didn’t know what it meant to follow Christ until she enrolled at NEATS and was ministered to by fellow NEATS students. She said the following about how she experienced the love of Christ through the students and faculty after joining NEATS: “Having [a religious] mindset having received all the ceremonies like child baptism, confirmation, and access to sharing the Lord’s supper, I believed I had known this Christ so in salvation. But it was until when I joined NEATS that one of the students lectured me on God’s redemption and how He loves me and wants me free from sin and death. This alone cleared all the [religious] beliefs, hence I got saved.” 

 Favorite Bible Verse 

“Romans 8:35 Indeed. Despite all the challenges I passed through, I always find myself comforted so this verse really tells me of how ready this God is to stand by me in all circumstances.”

What are they enjoying about NEATS? 

“NEATS has erased all the doubts and created a mind of truth in me. The generosity and fellowship motivate me more about this.”

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