Women’s Ministry: Martha’s Story

Martha’s Testimony At NEATS

Martha is from the Nuer Tribe in Upper Nile South Sudan. She is tall and reserved. Her English isn’t great, but her leadership ability is. Like Annet, Martha is living in Uganda as a refugee in the Bweyalle refugee camp. She was invited to join NEATS by a fellow Nuer and recent NEATS graduate named Peter.

How did you come to know Christ? 

“It was during one of the conferences that the pastor preached about salvation, his message about the love God has for us despite our sinful nature broke me into repentance.”

What is your favorite bible verse? 

“Matthew 28:19 This verse shows me the assigned duty of my salvation.”

What are you enjoying about NEATS? 

“As a leader NEATS has widened my understanding on leadership and also obtained new leadership skills.”

How are you going to apply your training?

“Discipleship and evangelism classes” 

 [Earlier this year, Martha exhibited her leadership ability when she recruited members of the Nuer community from three different countries to come to a conference at NEATS.  Over 3,800 Nuer came! 583 professed faith in Christ and and 25 committed to coming to NEATS to be trained as church planters.

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