We empower local leaders in the hard places of Africa to establish churches among the unreached and under-engaged peoples for generations to come.

Our 2032 Vision

We will have 15 Flagship Churches that will be church multiplication centers. They will be in South Sudan, Sudan, and DR Congo. Each of these centers will have a mother church with about 500 members. These members will pay the pastoral staff and send out their own missionaries. Each church will be self-sustained by the local congregation.

These 15 churches will band together to form the Empower One Flagship Alliance, E1FA. This alliance will pool their resources to build any future Flagship Churches and coordinate where to send missionaries from their churches. This Alliance will meet twice per year in Juba, South Sudan.

By 2032, each Flagship Church will have planted at least 50 churches in each one’s respective geographic area; 750 new churches by 2032. Each Flagship Church will also have a missionary plan reflecting Acts 1:8 for new churches in their Jerusalems, Judeas, Samarias, and Ends of the Earths.

Each Flagship Church will have an accompanying primary school, serving kids from grades one to eight. These schools will become fully self-sustainable, operating in the black by the fourth year of their founding. We will unite these schools in one, national school system in both South Sudan and Sudan.

Each Flagship Church  will also have a clean water kiosk that charges the community, sans widows, for clean water, making it self-sustainable.

Each Flagship Church will have a clinic/pharmacy that achieves self-sustainability immediately after founding, and each Flagship Church will have a radio station providing gospel content, worship music, and discipleship lessons to its surrounding area.

Each Flagship Church will have a NEATS Church-planting Bible School Extension Center (DTI), training 30 church planters each year in bible, doctrine, theology, and practical ministry including evangelism, disciple-making, and planting churches.

With all 15 Flagship Church’s up and running and NEATS main campus fully operational, E1 should produce 500 church planters each year, and we should expect 80 percent of those to plant at least one church within three years of graduating. These graduates will be sent out by their Flagship Church and/or the E1FA.

As of this writing, Sudan has 131 Unreached People Groups including nine Unengaged People Groups. We want to be part of a network that touches each of these people groups, and we are praying and hoping Sudan’s Christian population will greatly increase from its current 4.99% as of this writing.

The churches in South Sudan will be the primary missionary group engaging Sudan.