Media Toolkit

See our media toolkit for Empower One’s branding guidelines and use of our logo.


E1 Brand Book

Primary Logos

PNG Stone Logo

JPG Stone Logo

PNG Rust Logo

JPG Rust Logo

PNG Ebony Logo

JPG Ebony Logo

Extended Logo

PNG Extended Stone Logo

JPG Extended Stone Logo

PNG Extended Rust Logo

JPG Extended Rust Logo

PNG Extended Ebony Logo

JPG Extended Ebony Logo

Africa Mark

PNG Stone Africa Mark

JPG Stone Africa Mark

PNG Rust Africa Mark

JPG Rust Africa Mark

PNG Ebony Africa Mark

JPG Ebony Africa Mark

E1 Mark

PNG Stone E1 Mark

JPG Stone E1 Mark

PNG Rust E1 Mark

JPG Rust E1 Mark

PNG Ebony E1 Mark

JPG Ebony E1 Mark