Orphaned Kids

Earlier this year, a man fighting over cows senselessly killed the mother of this young boy shown above.

She had tied the boy to her back and was making a break for it when he shot her.

The boy’s small community ran to our church, the original Flagship Church in Kajo Keji.

Thanks to your support, we housed, fed, loved, and encouraged about 3,000 people for two weeks until the government pushed the cattle raiders out and everyone could go back home.

Except these boys:

These are his brothers and they were all orphaned. So we took them in. They live at the Flagship church compound, the ladies who cook for the bible school students became their mothers. We found them clothes, and we’ll put them in our primary school.

David Kaya said, “Let the Church be their mother and God their Father.”

THIS is why we’re building Flagship Churches.

To be a refuge to the orphan, the Muslim, the widow, the unreached, the animist, the outsider.


Reactive: A place to seek refuge whether you’re a former Muslim in Sudan, an orphan, or members of the Murle tribe who ran to our Flagship in Nimule this year as well.

Proactive: A sending church, training pastors to start churches all around it, leading outreaches, and sending indigenous missionaries to unreached tribes. Because only the gospel transforms hearts entirely.

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