College Discipleship Program Summer 2024

Trip Leader: Alexa Congrove
July 18 – August 1, 2024
Price: TBD
Description: The heart behind this trip is to bring college students into a two-fold opportunity. One to apprentice themselves after the way of Jesus that they might learn what it means to observe everything I have commanded you (Matthew 28:20); doing this by flipping the script on western evangelicalism and learning on the field. Secondly, to apprentice them after seasoned pastors, teachers, and church planters. Our ministry is full of indigenous leaders with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from their years in the field planting & pastoring churches and teaching at the bible schools. We are aiming in this 6-week program to walk you through how Empower One is aiming to reach the unreached and underserved of Northeast Africa. A team of our African partners will spend the entire 6 weeks with us to form deep relationships and discipline you. Beginning with spending two weeks at the bible school in the refugee camps in Northern Uganda. You will learn, eat, and sleep with men and women being equipped for the field. Then we will move to 2 weeks at an established Flagship Location in South Sudan where you can observe and do ministry alongside one of our mother churches, experiencing the daily life of the guys with their boots on the ground. This will involve outreaches, conferences, and community involvement. Then, in the last two weeks, you will be sent out with a team of missionaries whom you have spent the last 4 weeks training with to reach an unreached tribe or community, sharing the gospel.

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