Mawa John
Director of Operations

“My objective for life is to be a pastor who shepherds the flock of Jesus Christ with a vision for evangelism and a commitment to grow through dedicated study and clear preaching of the whole Word of God.

The need to learn and partner with each other in God’s mission remains paramount.”

Mawa John was born in South Sudan into a family of excessive drug addiction and violence. He is the third of seven siblings, five of which are still living.

At the age of 24, Mawa John recalls being overcome with depression, living in the bushes with a rope ready to commit suicide. One day I came home, my family members ran to church to call for believers to pray for me, on grounds that I was demon possessed. They prayed and shared the gospel but I didn’t react. When they left, I became restless. I had no peace although I stayed home.

After two days of unrest, I went to church during Sunday service and I walked forth when an invitation was made.”

Since that day, Mawa John made a commitment to spend and be spent for God. He never came back home but remained with the pastor who led him to Christ. “I followed him everywhere. It’s through him that I was later able to go to seminary,” he recalls.

Mawa John first heard about Empower One in 2012 from Brown Francis, a former teacher at NEATS, and was asked to come teach as well. Today, he serves as the Director of Operations.

My favorite part of the job is missions and teaching God’s word to those who need it.

Mawa John is married to Poni Suzan Enoch and they have two children. “Pray for wisdom to be an effective leader, for more gospel presentation opportunities, especially to the unreached, and for good health for me and my family.”

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