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Flagship Churches

We're establishing 15 Flagship churches in three countries in Africa where some populations are less than two percent Christian.

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A Mother Church

Flagship Churches plant and serve a network of small churches in the region where it resides.

A Training Center

Flagship Churches serve as a training center for church planters that will be a permanent NEATS Extension Center.

A Primary School

A Primary School that will equip the next generation with knowledge and confidence in the word of God.

Clean Water

A water point to provide fresh, safe water to the community as well as supply a financial empowerment to the local church.


Position a trained medical person in the community with the resources to provide basic medical care.

Radio Station

Have a high powered radio tower to broadcast the gospel and Christian programming into the surrounding areas.

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Support Flagship Churches

We're building 15 Flagship Churches as part of our 2032 Vision.