We have a BIG vision

To empower local leaders to bring the gospel to the unreached and under-engaged peoples of Africa.

our Leadership team

Empowerment is at the very core of our strategy. We believe our African partners are far more effective disciple makers, church planters, bible school teachers, missionaries and elementary school teachers than we would be in Africa.

So, our team has two parts – the U.S. team (who reside stateside) and the Africans (who live in or around South Sudan).

Mike Congrove

CEO / Co-Founder

David Kaya

National Director / Co-Founder

Scott Heider


Mawa John

Director of Operations

Steve Grote

Director of Field Ministry

John Monychol

Regional Leader : South Sudan

Michael Yemba

Director of Strategic Leadership Opportunities

Moses Owilli

NEATS Academic Dean

William Udar

Regional Leader : DR Congo

Matt Jones

Director of Mobilization

U.S. team:

  • Stateside we push the vision and encourages like crazy while raising resources for ministry in the field.
  • We help remove barriers for our National partners on the ground in Africa and introduce new training materials and methods. 
  • We bring short-term teams that are part of our local partners’ strategy.

National Ministry Partners (Africa):

  • These leaders are on the field planting churches and training leaders, as the front lines of Empower One. 
  • Set in-country strategy.
  • Create the program/field ministry budget and make in-country personnel decisions.

board of directors

Alfie Pino, Chairman

Physician and Managing Partner,
Allied Anesthesia Associates

Owner, Gatewood Vineyard and Winery

Missy Williams, Secretary

Executive Director & Co-founder,
Seed Effect

David Williams, Treasurer

Director of Operations, Launch Global
Co-founder, Seed Effect

we train local leaders to transform communities.

We help find, develop, train, and empower local leaders. Leaders who can make disciples of Jesus, start new churches, then look around in their communities and ask God, “What can we do to bless these people?”

We believe that Jesus transforms hearts. Transformed hearts change families who strengthen churches. Churches should transform their communities, and maybe, just maybe, change nations.


We’ve empowered our partners through:

Church Plants


These are our core values


We have a total commitment to the advancement of the Gospel.

Truth Telling

We tell each other the truth, even–especially–if it’s unpleasant.


We trust that we think the best of one another first, and we trust one another to work as if for the Lord.


We don’t live in South Sudan for a reason: They can do it better. Our job is to empower others.

Prayer and Surrender

We live in a state of surrender to the Lord. We talk to Him and listen to Him and obey Him, even if that obedience is immediate, extreme, and costly.

Elephant Hunters

We don’t allow elephants in the corner. They must be discussed openly.


Get work done where and how you see fit, but get the work done. Roll with change and unplanned successes and failures both here and abroad.

Funds are for the Field

As much as possible, the resources we raise are for the field, not for our comfort in America.

God’s Word

Our authority and ultimate decision maker is the Bible.


We cooperate; we don’t work in silos.


Mission trumps title, role and ego every time. No one is too good to clean up after dinner.


Ministry is tough. It has up and downs. We don’t quit.

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