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Adjumani, Uganda - T-2020-11

Jul 20-29, 2020

Come join us as we seek to minister the multitudes of South Sudanese displaced by civil war into refugee settlements in northern Uganda. There are roughly 2 million refugees in the camps along the South Sudanese/Ugandan border. Many of them have never heard the gospel. We will be partnering with our African brothers and sisters in the local churches to spread the good news of Jesus. We will be evangelizing hut to hut, building up the believers through discipleship, and strengthening the local church through teaching. come join us as we do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission!


Trip Information

Trip Type: Opportunity

Region: Africa

Location: Adjumani, Northern Region, Uganda

Tags: Refugees

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The few, the strong, the brave
more like the obedient and willing
go to the unreached and under-engaged!

Maybe that’s you?

We have found that North Americans can play a significant role in a much larger African-led work. Local Africans lead, 100 percent, Empower One’s work on the ground. Jesus taught us to serve one another, and the role North Americans play is a tool in the tool belt of a local pastor or leader. Maybe you’ll serve him or her by sharing the Gospel, modeling telling bible stories, teaching in the bible school, drilling a bore hole (water well), encouraging teachers in a primary school, working with children… the list goes on and on.

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The Empower One trips I have participated in have radically affected my walk with Christ. The work we have done has challenged and grown my faith, it has developed and expanded my personal leadership skills, and has provide me with unique Acts 1:8 ministry opportunities.


Trip Participant, 2016

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