By the end of 2020 we are seeking to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with 1 million people. God is raising up people who are ready to go and faithful to do this work.

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Reach 30,000 people with the Gospel

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Reach 60,000 people with the Gospel

evangelism INITIATIVES

JESus Film teams

One of the most dynamic and engaging ways to hear and see the story of Jesus is by watching the Jesus Film. Our Jesus Film Teams strategically move from village to village, hosting the showing of this film with the hope of viewers becoming Christ followers. Our church planters will follow behind and plant churches where the Gospel has taken root.

mobile evangelism events

A Mobile Evangelism Team consists of a dozen native missionaries that are constantly on the move reaching villages through street ministy, open-air preaching and door-to-door evangelism. they also focus on reaching those in hospitals, prison’s and schools. This team’s work consists of preaching, teaching and leading the way for church planters to disciple those who have responded to the Gospel.


Read through this collection of stories and field reports to stay connected to what is happening through our Jesus Film Teams and our Mobile Evangelism Events.

Former Rebel turns to Jesus

Joseph said, “I’ve killed 10 innocent people. I tried to drink my guilt away, but that hasn’t worked, and now I can see love among the refugees. I need Jesus. I need forgiveness.”

Jesus Film Testimonies

"After watching how Jesus healed every form of sick, disability and restored life in people concluded; 'Jesus is enough to all human needs. There is no other but Him.'”

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These national partners are leading evangelism teams dedicated to bringing the good news of the Gospel to 90,000 people.

Joseph Dradria

Mobile Evangelism Team Leader

Mark Vukoni

Jesus Film Coordinator