By transforming communities through education and meeting everyday needs, our local churches are sharing the love of Christ and creating an openess to the Gospel for generations to come.

community transformation INITIATIVES

full production farm

On the sustainable farm we will produce food to feed students at NEATS and other schools, and will use it as a way to provide continual income to the ministry. The farm is our first opportunity for Empower One to implement economic empowerment with the purpose of ministry costs being covered by local business.

school building

New classroom blocks will enhance our secondary school by adding room for our students. By adding well-built school classrooms we will improve the students’ environment and learning capacity.


A sustainable farm will reduce our costs of food to the main NEATS campus, primary and secondary schools. It has the potential to provide necessary income to fuel local ministry.


A school expresses commitment to a community, brings the Gospel to that generation of kids, and enhances the local church’s impact in a community.


Stay connected to what’s happening by reading our local partner’s first hand field reports.

Farm Update

“We had eight office staff visit the farm to provide additional labour in shelling maize and spiritual encouragement of farm staff for five days.”

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Led by local teachers and farmers, who know the lay of the land and the way to kids hearts, we’re transforming communities with the love of Jesus Christ.

David Nekyon

Farm Manager

Patricia Mondia

Ebenezer Schools Coordinator