Ministry in the midst of lock down

Greetings to you from Arua. Thursday July 2, was my first time to get to Rhino Camp after 3 months of lock down. I met with Pastor Banja Benjamin and his family in Arieze. He shared about the work of the Lord that is growing in the area.

Members hold bible studies every week and have intercessory prayers on weekends.  The bible studies are attracting new people every time and many are coming to the Lord.

I was profoundly encouraged by this testimony.

He shared his personal spiritual challenges and persecution as a result of his unwavering stand for the truth. He has been accused and is being followed by certain leaders who are opposed the truth. Banja stated that all these are a test of leadership, and that he cannot bow low but will stand firm.

His week is full as he foots to help the church among the Murule community with the home bible meetings, and leads about 3 large home bible study groups where he pastors coupled with his family church where he teaches.

He thanked the Lord for the COVID-19 situation and asked for bibles as many of those who come for the studies do not have bibles. Pray for his health and the health of his family.

After meeting with Banja I proceeded to Omugo where I met with 4 pastors; notably Khemis Joseph, Clement Wani, Scopus, and John.

This was another heart-warming moment where each narrated what the Lord is doing through their leadership.

There are 41 new believers who are ready for baptism, many young and old people attend the home bible studies. They said the church buildings are closed but they now meet at home. They also have intercessory prayers every weekend.

These pastors all requested for bibles as the number of people coming for the studies is ever growing but they do not have bibles.

I encouraged and prayed with them. God bless you all.