primary schools

Only 50% of South Sudan’s school age kids attend school.

Of that 50%, only 1% go on to complete the 12th grade.


Finish 6th Grade


Finish 8th Grade


Finish 12th Grade

As of today, we’ve started 14 schools with over 2,500 kids.

We didin’t intend to start schools

Our amazing local partners started a fabulous school in South Sudan by stretching the budget from our Bible School. Next, our indigenous missionaries started primary schools where they had planted churches. The results were overwhelming. The communities rallied around those church plants, and the schools were an expression of God’s love for the people.

We empower schools by:

  • Helping start the school by subsidizing teacher salaries
  • Depending on the context, we assist with a school building (all construction is local; we don’t do construction teams from the U.S. – our goal is to empower the local leaders)
  • We train headmasters and teachers
  • If a school is particularly successful, we improve the facilities with more permanent structures.
  • Our goal is for every school to be 100% self-sufficient within three to four years. This can happen by charging school fees. With the exception of orphans, which all of our schools have scholarships for.

Supporting Schools

Each school situation is unique. You can simply give to support school in general, and we’ll apply those funds to our greatest need. Or, you can sponsor specific projects.


Notebooks, pens, pencils, and materials for a class


A metal roof on a new “access” school


Teacher’s salary for a year


A mud-walled, grass-roofed access school start-up


A brick walled, metal roofed, permanent school building with one classroom and a latrine


A brick walled, metal roofed, permanent school building with four classrooms and a latrine

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