The gospel changes everything.

God designed the church to live on mission.

Jesus called the church to care for one another and represent the Kingdom of God here on earth.. 

The mark of God’s people is their love for Him, each other, and their neighbors. God is using Empower One church planters to bring light into communities who have been trapped in darkness for generations.

Generations are dying without access to the gospel.

With an estimated 3 billion unreached people, the 10/40 Window is home to 90% of the poorest people in the world. For generations, cultural and linguistic barriers have isolated entire communities—keeping them trapped in darkness.

We train local leaders.

Our generation must take the gospel further than the one before.

By equipping and mobilizing local leaders, Empower One church planters are taking the gospel back into their own neighborhoods and surrounding communities—where they’re better missionaries than we could ever be. It’s within this shared culture and language that the gospel is reaching people who never had the opportunity to choose Jesus. 

You can help take the gospel further.