Nicholas teaching in Kajo Keji, South Sudan.

Nicholas serves as the Deputy Principal at the Empower One School of Church Planting where he is primarily responsible for the administrative functions for the school. He also is an active member of the teaching team.

“I love teaching and training church leaders who go out to plant healthy churches and disciple people.”

Nicholas was a student at Lainya Vocational Training Institute located in South Sudan. In 1986 he heard Jesus being preached by the school chaplain. The chaplain gave them Bibles to study, and they all took turns preaching.

“I was involved in preaching at a time when I had not yet been saved.”

This exposed Nicholas to the Bible and helped him to see who Christ is and what He did for us.

“I was utterly lost, because at that very moment I was not saved.”

Four years later, he was reminded of being lost when gospel preachers came to his village from Moyo Town to preach salvation in Christ. The sermon delivered reminded him of what he read and learned about Christ’s death on the Cross while still at Lainya Vocational Training Institute.

“The Holy Spirit convicted me of my sins and as a result I accepted Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. I surrendered my entire lifestyle to Him. Since then, I have kept on serving Him and also being committed to Him.” 

David Kaya met Nicholas and introduced the vision and objectives of Empower One Africa and the School of Church Planting.

“I decided to join Empower One Africa so that I would be a part of the those reaching the unreached with the gospel of Jesus through training church leaders and church planters.”

Nicholas remains active in teaching and training church leaders and church planters. He enjoys participating in evangelism and preaching on Sundays.

Nicholas is the Dean of Students for our School of Church Planting

Nicholas Ayiga

Dean of Students, School of Church Planting


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