Matt serves as Empower One’s Director of Mobilization, working with church partners to join in what God is doing through the ministry. He also is the trip guru, coordinating short-term mission trips to Africa.

Matt was born in West Texas and raised in church but didn’t truly surrender his heart to Jesus until he was in college.

“While in college, I was living a self-indulgent lifestyle when I was faced head-on with my brokenness. I realized that I did not have the ability to undo some things that I had done, and for the first time in my life I knew that I needed someone to save me from myself. I was in a seemingly hopeless state because of my choices and behavior, but then I read the parable of the Prodigal Son for the first time. I clearly saw Jesus and myself in this text. I knew at that point that I would live for him.”

Matt participated in a short-term mission trip with Empower One in July of 2018 and saw how God was moving in Africa.

“I wanted to be a part of it and decided to pursue an opportunity for coming on staff with Empower One.”

Matt joined the Empower One team in May of 2019.

My favorite part of the job is serving alongside our African brothers and sisters. Their resilience and steadfastness in carrying out the gospel amid difficult circumstances challenges me to keep the eternal perspective that our true home awaits.

Matt is married to Afton and they have three children. They love hitting the road traveling whenever and wherever they get the opportunity. Their favorite activities involve spending time together outside, doing things like hiking, riding bikes and swimming.

Matt Jones

Director of Mobilization

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