Joseph visits a former School of Church Planting student, during door to door evangelism.

Joseph leads a breakout group during a mobile evangelism event.

Joseph oversees Operations & Communications for Empower One Africa.

“What excites me is when I see how the mission, vision and objectives of the organization are being actualized in the areas of operations.”

Joseph was raised by his great grandmother; his father leaving them before he was even born. His great grandmother taught him Bible stories and local hymns.

In 1995, Dradria was incarcerated. While in prison, he recalls,

“On one of the mornings I heard my name clearly called out and wondered who called me. In that process, I saw all my sins projected before me, and John 3:16, a verse I knew in Sunday school, was sounded louder in my head. As I saw my sins, I began to weep and cried to the Lord to forgive me. I felt a heavy weight like a stone moving from my heart through my chest and out of my head and a very cold wave like water from the fridge settled on my head. I was filled with joy, with tears in my eyes I began to sing a song to the Lord. After that, it did not take five minutes and the prison warden came and said, ‘Joseph you are going home.’ I was released and that started my journey.” 

Joseph joined a church and a discipleship group and grew in his journey with God. He has since located and forgiven his dad for leaving his family.

Joseph has trained as a broadcast journalist and preaches weekly over the radio. He also has served as a missionary to South Sudan for a few years. Currently he is pursuing his bachelors in Christian Ministry. He is married to Christine and they have six children.

Pray for Joseph

“Pray for those who come to faith and for those who heard the word.

Pray for the mission that God will rule over every stronghold.

Joseph Dradria

Operations & Communications


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