John leads a discipleship conversation with local leaders.

Pastors David Lual and John Monychol at the Empower One pastor’s conference.

John Monychol oversees all the church planting activities in South Sudan.

“As Regional Leader, my mission is to lead the lost to Jesus; to reach the those who don’t know Christ. We are seeing the heart of many generations change toward God. My excitement is that through the gospel many people will be changed spiritually and physically.”

John Monychol was born in Baliet which is located in the Upper Nile Region of South Sudan. He is the first in his family to accept Christ as Savior. He is married to Nyanom and they have five children and 22 foster children.

As a young man, John left home and trained as a soldier joining the SPLA movement. He was wounded in fighting and was left wounded in the bush for 2 days. The Red Cross found him and took him to a clinic where he received treatment for 3 months. After being discharged, he was relocated to the Kakuma Refugee Settlement. John heard the Gospel and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. He recalls,

“I see the dream of Jesus. There was an American missionary working with the community of Kenya but helping refugees in the camp. I joined a Bible study.”

John went on to plant two churches in the camp. He was later appointed to a group of leaders overseeing several churches in the camp. He attended Kenya Theological College for four years before relocating back up to the Upper Nile to plant a church in the Baliet area. That initial church has reproduced over 29 churches in the area.

Pray for John

“Pray for us as we anticipate and establish new churches and bring the Gospel to unreached areas in South Sudan.”

John is our Regional Leader in South Sudan

John Monychol

Regional Leader, South Sudan

South Sudan

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