Dominic leads a training session at the Empower One pastors conference.

Dominic Eruaga serves as a teacher at the Empower One School of Church Planting. He also coordinates the Extension Site program.

Dominic placed his trust in Jesus as his Savior while still in primary school. Finding himself without school fees to attend secondary school, he needed to work. He met David Kaya who asked him to help raise a few goats for him.

Dominic’s pastor had been selected to receive a scholarship to attend the Diploma Program at Global Theological Institute. For various reasons, his pastor decided not to attend the program. At Kaya’s urging, Dominic seized the opportunity and decided to take his pastor’s place. One of his brothers gave him the money needed to purchase a one-way bus ticket to Jinja. Dominic had never ventured a few miles from home before this. Travel was difficult through areas occupied by the LRA, or Lord’s Resistance Army.

When Dominic arrived at Global, he was the youngest student ever to attend the school. Due to his age and attempting to take his pastor’s place, the administration had decided to send Dominic back home. However, in the days that passed while trying to get Dominic home, his teachers began to see him excel in the classroom. Midterms came and went and Dominic continued to do well. He quickly rose to the top of his class, graduating in the top position.

After receiving his diploma, Dominic went on to complete the degree program from Global. He has pastored a church in Adjumani and assisted in satellite schools with Global. He was recruited by David Kaya to come back and teach with the School of Church Planting, formerly known as NEATS. Here, Dominic has taught in the classroom and also serves to coordinate the Extension Site program.

“Jesus commanded the Church to ‘go and make disciples of all nations.’ Although this is given to the Church to fulfill, we as the Empower One School of Church Planting are partnering with the local churches to fulfill this mission. Through our teamwork, we feel we are obeying this command.”

Dominic is married to Consy and they have four children. His great passion is to see the local church transformed through the knowledge of God’s Word and to obey His calling to reach the world around them with the gospel. He desires to see the Word of God preached faithfully so that many would come to know and worship our Heavenly Father.

“I am encouraged to see the growth in the students attending the Extension Sites. Students who had been idle, afraid of sharing their faith, not reading the Scriptures, not having forgiveness in their life, living indifferent to the community, others with marriages falling apart – all are being transformed.”

Pray for Dominic

“Pray for our teachers and students as they reach out to new communities and provide discipleship training where there is none.”

Dominic is a Teacher at our School of Church Planting

Dominic Eruaga

Professor & Coordinator of Extension Centers, School of Church Planting


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