We’re equipping the next generation to lead.

Local leaders are bringing gospel access to unreached communities.

Rooted in the truth of God’s Word and in partnership with local churches, our graduates are fulfilling the Great Commission—making disciples of all nations. 

At our School of Church Planting (formerly NEATS) we train local leaders to establish healthy churches. These leaders expand the reach of the gospel to people who have never had the opportunity to choose Jesus. 

We believe this generation must take the gospel further than the one before, and the good news is they’re willing.

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Biblical education meets church leadership experience


Students begin by establishing a solid Biblical foundation. This includes training in fundamental theology, Biblical literacy, missions strategy and leadership development—specific to their role as a church planter.


Under the supervision of our teaching team, students gain practical experience in a local ministry context. This includes leading small group Bible studies, sharing the gospel, and preaching. 


Equipped to lead, graduates are sent out by their local churches. Empower One leadership and local pastors oversee these new church planters as they expand the reach of the gospel to people who don’t know Jesus.

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Training up a generation requires the very best

Moses Owilli

Academic Dean

Nicholas Ayiga

Dean of Students

Sam Ochan

Professor of Biblical Studies

Dominic Eruaga

Professor & Coordinator of Extension Centers

Banja Benjamin Banja Benjamin Graduate serving in Uganda Going to The School of Church Planting really helped me in my leadership. If I didn’t go there, I believe I would not be strong in my leadership. I face a lot of challenges in my leadership and I believe without going to school, I would not stand. READ BANJA'S STORY Amos Elia Amos Elia Student from South Sudan I have a strong conviction to preach the word after completion of the theological training at the School of Church Planting. Abusa John Abusa John Student from the 10/40 Window I now disciple people to come to the School of Church Planting. After my courses, I need to plant churches. I need to see people come to know Jesus Christ and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Frezer Frezer Badi Student from Uganda After my courses in the School of Church Planting, I would like to serve God more. There is nothing I would like to do more than serving God. Ismail Yunan Ismail Graduate serving in Uganda The School of Church Planting empowered me. Physically and spiritually, my mind and eyes were opened. And now I know how to disciple someone, I know how to bring the gospel, and I know how to plant a church. READ ISMAIL'S STORY

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Through the school of church planting, God is raising up a new generation of people to speak and live according to his instructions. I am excited to see God raising up men who are willing to abide in Him, die to self and carry the cross daily.

moses owilli

Academic Dean

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