Join our courageous community of monthly donors bringing the gospel to the unreached.

Your $50 monthly donation can train 1 church planter every year.

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Your gift of $50/month helps train one church planter every year

The Village is equipping local leaders to reach people with no gospel access.

A community for courageous people, like you.

“I love that Empower One is actively going to unreached regions to spread the gospel. Empower One pastors are truly on a mission to share Christ with the unreached without concern for their own well-being, knowing that God will take care of them.

Ricky Jones

member since 2019

It’s complex, yet simple—God’s grace in my own life commands me to help others while sharing a message of eternal impact.

Empower One is a trusted partner to reach multitudes of those that need compassion and the awareness of God’s love and saving power.

Bill Lindley

member since 2013

Matt Jones spoke passionately about his heart for mission mobilizations and his experiences with Empower One that inspired me to commit to be a monthly donor.

I love being a very small part in the effort to develop warriors for Christ to share the gospel to their native people.

Marcus Glass

member since 2018

“I love Empower One’s commitment to the people of this region in Africa.

My wife fell in love with the people of South Sudan. Hearing about the people there and the work done there we want to continue to see Jesus and His love being spread.

Ken Reinhardt

member since 2013


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Because Jesus is for everyone, everywhere.

The Village is our community of courageous monthly donors who believe where you live shouldn’t determine whether you have the opportunity to choose Jesus.

We take stewardship seriously.

Your monthly gift is fueling the mission to bring the gospel who have never heard the name of Jesus.

Give this generation the opportunity to choose Jesus.