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Show these videos to give your church a first hand look into how God is at work through your partnership with Empower One in North East Africa 

north east africa theological seminary

‘NEATS’ is our Bible school + the heart of our ministry

this is neats

North East Africa Theological Seminary, (NEATS) is our Bible school.  NEATS graduates make up our Mobile Evangelism Team, share the Gospel through our Jesus Film ministry and become church planters.

neats: behind the scenes

David Kaya, Empower One National Director + Co-Founder, gives us an inside look at our NEATS main campus in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement, in Northern Uganda.

neats extension centers

With the harvest that we’re experiencing, we need more trained leaders than ever before. We’re working hard to expand our reach and raise up leaders who can faithfully lead and disciple new believers.

leader testimonies

Our leaders stories of transformation + heart for the Gospel 

yunan ismail

“They came to Christ… 321 who got saved when I discipled them.”


“When I came here I would have said I am a Christian, but God’s word has truly transformed my life.”

banja benjamin

I didn’t know that there was somebody called Jesus Christ.

‘the unlikely’

Our three year goal to reach 1 million people with the Gospel 

 message from david kaya

Our Empower One National Director + Co-Founder, speaks about the current situation in South Sudan and Uganda, and the Gospel opportunity that has been created by these events.

 discipleship thread

Kaya discipled James, who discipled Ismail, who discipled John, and now over 291,639 people have heard the gospel since 2018 through Empower One leaders like these.

social media

Follow along + equip your church to share stories of how God is at work through your partnership.


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stories on the blog

These are the lastest field reports from our local leaders in North East Africa

Extension Center Graduation

Extension Center Graduation

At an Extension Center graduation ceremony in northern South Sudan, Pastor David Kaya preached to 1000 people and 400 put their faith in the Lord.
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