Extensions Centers Update

Extensions Centers Update

Thank God by His grace we had 212 students registered in 12 Extension Centers last term. These were; Alwi, Ayilo, Belameling, Djalasiga, Maaji, Morobi, Palorinya, Paidha, Rhino Camp, Yoyo and Paloch, South Sudan. 


  • Students were generally equipped to be able to understand the Old Testament books and Hermeneutics. They applauded these topics.
  • Their understanding of the Bible has increased like never before
  • They reached 123 with the Gospel and 15 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Three were restored to the faith.
  • We have 33 students ready for graduation, 15 from Paidha and 18 from  Paloch, South Sudan.


  • Sickness has been rampant among both students and teachers.
  • Lack of enough bibles; in both English and local dialects such as Bari, Ma’di, Dinka, Arabic, Alur, Swahili, Ligala, Acholi and Lugbara.
  • I also had challenges in being able to reach all the schools as they open and run in a space of two weeks concurrently and they are located in different districts and countries.


  • Pray for next term and more activities are going to done especially outreaches.
  • Pray for the challenges that God will open our eyes to work better for his glory.
  • Pray for the upcoming graduations in Paloch and Paidha.


Dominic Eruaga
NEATS Extensions Centers Coordinator

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The news of NEATS is spreading

The news of NEATS is spreading

May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be praised. The news of the Bible school called NEATS is being heard everywhere in both South Sudan, Sudan and beyond.

We met two brothers who heard about us from NEATS students and they were eager to talk to us about the Kingdom work. We were told this afternoon in our meeting about the advancement of the gospel through our former students. He said there is a high need for training and he listed over 15 tribal languages that need the Word of God.

  • Uduk Tribe
  • Jumjum Tribe
  • Ingassana Tribe
  • Regarik Tribe
  • Barta Tribe
  • Mayak Tribe
  • Burun Mayak
  • Burun Jeriba Tribe
  • Burun Sarkum Tribe
  • Balduku Tribe
  • Hamad Tribe
  • Kadalu Tribe
  • Ulu Tribe
  • Malikal Tribe
  • Silak Tribe

He is appealing for each tribal languages to be represented in the next NEATS enrollment.

He said,

Christianity died in this Unreached Area because pastors were not trained. We don’t want to repeat the mistakes committed by our forefathers.

They appreciate the training we offered to the people of Unreached Area 2D.

We concluded the meeting with prayers at Java’s Cafe and we took soda and food. And Pastor David appreciated the brethren and we departed.

Edward Dima
NEATS President


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Field Report: Women’s Extension Center

Field Report: Women’s Extension Center

The Women’s NEATS Extension Center was started in October 2017,  and has so far ran for three terms and ended their third term on May 18, 2018. We hope to graduate the current women on August 18, 2018.

In the first term, the number of women in class was 32.  However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, in the second term the number dropped to 21.  Now in this third term we had 21 women in class.

Our purpose is:

  • To equip women with the Word of God so as to be part of the Great Commission.
  • Train women to be potential leaders within the local churches as well as in the community.
  • Build up the capacity of women with skills that can make them more productive and earn income to support their families and churches.

Our achievement is that the women we train are able to go out and teach and win souls for Christ. The impact of this training has shown itself in the testimonies given by the trainees about their own life change.  It has changed them positively in many areas of life.  For instance before this training some of them were unable to stand before people and share the word of God, others had an unforgiving spirit when wronged, others could not relate with those in the neighborhood or community. But now they have experienced total life change.


Activities from January – April 2018:

Women’s conference in Ebenezer Baptist Church, Packwach

This was conducted by Lemandha Jackline on the 6th
 of May, 2018.  It is the first of its kind.  20 women attended.  All women appreciated it and asked for more of such teachings. 

Koboko Baptist Church

Two of the women, Azonye Seba, Chandiru Esparas and one of their Pastor went to Congo and planted one new church called Gombe Baptist Church on the 28th
 – 29th of April, 2018.  The total number of members in the church newly planted was 54.  Four people were left to take care of the church, with Stephen Ayume being the Pastor.

In Kwikumi Baptist Church – Congo
Abedrwoth Frascine, Acan Florence and Oyirwoth Casto organized women’s conferences on the 19
th of March 2018 and another conference was on the 3rd May, 2018, in Ladju Baptist Church.  The total number of those who attended was 57.  Women were blessed with the teachings and expressed much interest for more frequent teachings.

Aciro Chan Judith of Achora Baptist Church, Songea village
Leda Parish conducted a women’s conference with the help of her leaders  on the 2
nd  April, 2018.  The number of those who attended was 12 and one person confessed Jesus as Lord.

Women’s Conference at Union Baptist Church, Moyo
Azonye Seba, Agasia Rita and Mama Pricila John conducted a women’s conference in Union Baptist Church in Moyo on the 4th
 – 15th of April 2018.  The number of women who attended was 26.  There was much thirst for the word of God as a result there is going to be another conference that will draw both the women and their husbands.

Liberty Baptist Church, Adjumani

Vuko Esther conducted two women’s conference.  First on the 15th
 March, 2018 and the second one on the 14th April 2018.  The total number of attendance was 24 and 1 person gave her life to Christ.  One woman was so impressed with the teachings and she expressed willingness to come and join the women’s disciple class in the next enrollment.

Agape Baptist Church, Mwimwijo
Four of the women, Agnes Kaya, Abang Betty, Liong Scovia and Chandia Rose conducted two conference that draw women from six churches together on the 27th 
of April 2018 at Agape Baptist Church, Mwimwijo and on the 28th April, 2018 at Peace Baptist Church.  The total number of those who attended was 93 and 6 people gave lives to Christ.  Women asked for more teachings to be done frequently.

Katabok Baptist Church & Akabo Baptist Church
Ajok Flora Sunday, Akongo Josphine conducted 2 conference, in Katabok Baptist Church – Abim and one in Akabo Baptist Church.  The total number of those who attended including children were 73 and 20 gave lives to Christ.   Much spiritual growth is being seen in the lives of the leaders.

Rebecca Gabriel of Ayilo
conducted one women’s conference with the attendance of 23.


  • Difficulties in movement as the churches are far apart with others requiring transport facilitation.
  • Need for Bibles in English,  Alur, Bari, Madi, Dinka.
  • Gathering women together from various churches is a challenge because it may require food for the 1 or 2 days of conference.


Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the above challenges.
  • Pray for the coming graduation which will be on August 18, 2018.
  • Pray for a laptop for this program and an ipad as the laptop I use now has problem of not starting and sometimes refusing to charge.



With the 3 terms of the women being in class, they are able to teach women within their local churches with the help of their leaders.  We encourage them to work hand in hand with their pastors/leaders.

Some of the pastors have sent recommendations to us about the good work of the women in their local churches.  We thank God for these positive responses.

We thank God for using you to support this program of the Women’s NEATS Extension Center.  May the Lord bless you abundantly as you serve Him through giving.  Your support has greatly contributed for the smooth running of the school.

Report by Joyce Muraa Stephen
Women’s NEATS Extension Center

photos from the field


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Rhino Testimonies

Rhino Testimonies

I visited Rhino camp extension school on Thursday 01/11/2018.

This center has 25 students this third term. The number dropped from 35 students at the beginning of the school. However, there is still demand for more extension schools in this area because the 25 are just from three churches and in one zone. Before opening this extension school, many of the current participants were idle.

A church has been planted by some of these students and students from NEATS who live in Rhino camp.

Abraham James Ladu
“I would like to thank Empower-One for setting up this discipleship center. I have served in the church for a long time but I struggled with evil spirits. When I came to the camp in 2016, I found Ocea Baptist Church and I was given an opportunity to serve children through Sunday school. Even though I was teaching children in church, I struggled with drinking and smoking addictions. I felt so guilty that I stopped going to church for a full year. In May, 2017 I heard about an extension school opening up and I thought it was an answer to my addictions. After the first two terms, nothing about me changed. By this time I am not just leading children but also youth. On many occasions, some people pleaded with to stop drinking and smoking but I seemed to have failed to control the urge to alcohol. However, my big day came on 10, January 2018, which happens to be my third term. God challenged me during one of my classes and I realized I could not do this on my own. I felt the need to have Jesus in my life. I surrendered my life to Jesus. I put an end to my relationship with satan. I cannot go on leading and teaching kids and youth when my life does not reflect the glory of God.  I want those I lead to know me by the fruits I bear. I thank God for saving me. Thank you Empower-One for bringing truth to me.”

Note: Despite being lame, he is gifted with drums and singing.


Peter Gatnyoch
“I am a Christian and a leader in church. I made a life changing decision to follow Jesus in 1994 but since then my knowledge of the Bible was limited.  I have never experienced any deep teaching of the word of God before. I am very happy for this training program. This program was God sent for me. I have learned so much. I can now boldly witness to lost souls.  I am able to present the gospel with knowledge. After my two terms of learning I have been able to share the gospel with many people and 40 of them decided to surrender to Jesus Christ and they were baptized during the festive season. After finishing my training I will even be more effective. I ask God to use me to help others to serve. Me and my family will serve God with better knowledge. Thank you.”


Night Christine
I am grateful for the trainings here. I came to Uganda in 2013 with six kids. My husband remained in South Sudan. He had stopped communicating with me and supporting us. I became troubled and spent sleepless nights. Then I met Jesus in 2014. The trainings in this extension school has done a lot in my own life. My life will never be the same again. After my two terms in class, I have set up a family altar of prayer. Me and my children gather every evening to read God’s word and to pray together. We prayed for my husband to remember us. We asked God that he would call one day to find out how we are doing. God has answered us with a ‘yes’. First of all  three of my children got saved and they now go to church without being pushed or forced. My husband does not only call but also supports us. I can now confidently preach and teach women in my church. I am able to lead, counsel and advise people around me. I am very grateful for this center of learning. I wish more women can come for these teachings.”

Amjuma Joyce
I thank God for making me apart of this school. I was born again but the life I led was unpleasant. I had a group that used to delight in fighting. I hated hearing about the gospel. I was so mean to those who desired to talk to me about the bible. However, when I started attending this class, it has helped me to reflect on the way I was living my life and some of the terrible things I have done. I can now differentiate between right and wrong. I now delight in correcting people around me using scriptures. I have reconciled with my best friend after close to two years of hatred and bitterness.

Ruth John
“I have the privilege to serve as a Sunday school teacher but I realized there was so much I was lacking. I used to struggle to prepare my lessons for the children. Thanks to this training center I am now a better teacher of the children in my church. I didn’t know how to study the Bible, I used to read it like a novel. I have learned to deeply study, meditate and apply the word of God in my life. I can now preach to others, train disciples, bring my friends to church and those who don’t know God and I can do my personal devotion and prayer.”

Simon Yoal
“I want to appreciate my teachers for the great work they are doing. I am 46 years old. I thought I knew so much. I knew I was a genius in Bible tknowledge but I was wrong. Sitting in these classes let me know how little I knew. There is so much that I do not know. I am humbled. I can now preach and counsel my family and those in my community.”


Khan Twol
I am grateful for this school. It has enabled me to study my bible in depth, share with other community members about Jesus and I have learned how church administration is done. If it is possible I would like to get an English and Arabic bible.


Duol Gatluak
“This school has changed my life. My life was full of violence and bad friends. I continued to walk in darkness even when I had confessed Christ as my savior. I never wanted to hear what the bible said, let alone understand it. I have changed now. I have reached out to my former friends with the word and drawn quite a number to attend church. I now want to learn English so that I can share the good news with other tribes as well.”


Duol Chuol Bangjack
“Ever since I joined in August, 2017, there has been so much change in my life. My preaching has improved, I have been able to draw many to do God’s work. During school break I go out to evangelize especially those who are still living in darkness. Thank you for this school.”


Benson Kuany
I have learned how to study the bible and apply what it says in my life. I need an English Bible so that it can help in my bible exposition.


Gawar Tai Stephen
I have acquired more bible knowledge. After here, I want to teach my church members and my children.


Awatif Adam
I come from Nuba and I am a wife and a mother. I have learned how to be an effective church leader, church planting and church administration. I have also learned how to share the gospel with the unreached. I am now bold enough to counsel my family, friends and community.

The following two are not students:

Sarah Kwanja
As members of Emmanuel church (hosts the school) we have been blessed by this school. Many of our leaders were not really trained but now they are gaining more knowledge each day, new leaders are being raised and some members come to hear these teachings during their free times. The teachings in our church have improved and behaviors changed.


Paul Gatchang
I have the opportunity to translate during training sessions. I attended Bible school in Khartoum from 2008 to 2011. I pastored a church in South Sudan for a short period before fleeing the country for Uganda when war broke out. I came to be here when they asked me to mobilize people to come for this bible training. So I was asked to help with translation. I translate English to Arabic or Nuer. I realized these teachers have so much more than what I learned in Khartoum. While translating I have also been learning. I come from the Presbyterian church and I really appreciate this training because our church has gained more leaders, increased knowledge and it has reduced workload for some of us leaders through the new leaders. By the way my Arabic which was dwindling has improved and English.

photos from the field


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