Event: Panzudu, DR Congo

Event: Panzudu, DR Congo

This mission was far different from any other missions we have gone to.  There were a couple of things we noticed that made the mission different from others:

  • Congo churches came together in great numbers to wait for us.
  • Over 50 participants went for door to door every day which is an unusual thing. 6 different church denominations were involved in that activity. 74 pastors and evangelists participated in the activities.
  • Places we went to for door to door, people were so welcoming and most of them received the Word and got saved.
  • An overwhelming number of people came to both the Open Air preachings and the Jesus’ Film Shows and stayed calm to listen to the preachings, watch the Jesus’ Film Shows and a good number of them got saved.
  • We were challenged by their giving. These men and women have big hearts. We were so humbled when both young and old gave clothing and whatever the Lord impressed upon their hearts to give to support the ministry to the Pygmies. The gave clothes, food items generously.


  • Door to Door:
    • People Reached: 2,261
    • People Saved: 862
  • Discipleship:
    • Attendance: 106
  • Open Air Evangelism:
    • People Reached: 7,375
    • People Saved: 576
  • Jesus Film Show:
    • People Reached: 7,366
    • People Saved: 2,103
  • Sunday Fellowship:
    • Attendance: 539
    • People Saved: 14 


  • There was delay at the border especially on Congo
  • The machines failed to produce sound to be used during Sunday Service


  • Many people got saved
  • Great number of people eagerly turned up to hear the Gospel
  • The people were willing to learn
  • Many sick people were prayed for
  • Traumatized people got healing in their hearts

Many people were delivered from evil spirits. They fell down crying like a child. The servants of God went and laid their hands upon them and prayed; after few minutes they got clear sense.

Jacob is 69 years old. He became deaf in his childhood. He visited me on Monday to confirm his faith in Jesus Christ after watching Jesus Film. He said when the evangelists reached his home, he thought they were sent to arrest him; but his daughter told him they came to share the Gospel. So he sat with them and other people too, he cannot understand anything they say, but fortunately the preacher gave him tracks to read and invited him for tonight Film show.

“Jesus Film has brought the Gospel to light, I have now seen the truth of what I had read. From today I decided to follow Jesus and be with Him in heaven.”

The Pygmies Testimony:

“We used to live like animals but now the Gospel has reached us. Our work was to hunt for wild animals and get food. We have no houses, no clothes and other basic human needs are lacking. Through Pastor William Udar, the Gospel reached us. We are now praising God. The question is, if we who were once animals are now praising God, how about you?” stated one of the Pygmies representative during open air preaching.

Prayer Request:

  • There is a great need of MET to reach Jalasiga. A pastor who leads a church in Jalasiga said that many people in there could greatly benefit from MET services.
  • The Pygmies need more work of the Gospel and biblical teaching in their land. As we reach to them with the gospel, pray that God will bring services to meet their basic needs.


Above all we give the glory to God who took us safely to the mission, sustained our lives and brought us safely back. We give thanks to everyone who stood in support of this mission and we give thanks to God for all His goodness.

-Joseph Dradria
Mobile Evangelism Team Leader

photos from the field

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Jesus Film Testimonies

Jesus Film Testimonies

A 45-year-old Sudanese man said that the problem in South Sudan and Sudan is lack of truth (Word of God). He added that he prays for open doors into Sudan for ministry.

With deep concern he expressed how they need the gospel more than anything this world could offer.

He encouraged us to continue with Jesus Film ministry wherever the Lord leads us.

A 60+ year old Murle man attended our discipleship time in Boroli refugee camp, Adjumani. He just stood up and said,

“Today I have given in to Jesus Christ. I have been a Muslim all my life but I am no longer going back.”

He is ready for baptism.

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EVENT: Rhino Camp

EVENT: Rhino Camp

Time and again God has shown himself to be worthy of praise and honor. On Saturday night He drew over 2,000 people to not only hear but also watch the Jesus film.

Activity Review

  • On 11/30/18, MET went for a two day Mission in Ofua (2) in Rhino Camp refugee settlement.
  • Participants were members of the Mobile Evangelistic Mission. While in the field, they were joined by the Members from the local churches from within Ofua (2).
  • Five churches were strengthened and several leaders were encouraged.


  • The church we were based at works in good cooperation with other denominations.
  • During the Jesus Film Show, all shops in the nearby trading center were closed and all the traders came to watch the Jesus’ Film.

Number of people who heard the gospel:

  • 1,731
  • 150 professed faith in Christ
  • 2 restored

Prayer and Support

  • Pray for more Spiritual growth of the MET members.
  • Pray for a convertible Gospel Chariot Truck for the team.
  • Training of MET members for more efficient ministry.

We are heading to Palorinya, Moyo, tomorrow for a four day youth conference. The keynote speaker will be Pastor David Kaya. Pray for participants to be transformed. Pray for strength for MET members and encouragement. Pray that God will speak through his servant to the people.


Joseph Dradria
Mobile Evangelism Team Leader

photos from the field

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Former Rebel turns to Jesus

Former Rebel turns to Jesus

Joseph said, “I’ve killed 10 innocent people. I tried to drink my guilt away, but that hasn’t worked, and now I can see love among the refugees. I need Jesus. I need forgiveness.”

How do we feel when one of the “bad” guys confesses and turns his heart to Jesus? If we’re honest, it’s sometimes mixed. When we’re removed it’s easy to celebrate, and that’s certainly the right thing to do since that’s what the angels do in the heavenly realm. But when it’s your daughter or husband who the bad guy victimized – it’s messier; It’s harder, and sometimes we feel the tribalism in our own hearts. Now HE is in OUR tribe? Why would God allow HER in OUR tribe?

And then you remember that it’s not OUR tribe and you wonder why on earth God would allow me in His tribe. The weight of His mercy and love overwhelms you.

We serve a great God who will forgive the darkest sins in the world and can restore any believing heart.

A few weeks ago, we had a team in a South Sudanese refugee camp located in Northern Uganda. The local team set up a sound system, people gathered, they sang worship songs, and then Scott got up to preach. Before he could even finish his sermon, Joseph ran up to him and fell at Scott’s feet. He confessed this awful sin that was eating him alive and that no amount of alcohol could numb. When Joseph learned that Jesus would forgive even him, he collapsed from the relief.

Instead of scorn, here’s what the local church said about this man…

“We pray that Jesus will use him like Paul to preach to his friends about our loving Master.”

That’s grace, and while so many other huge things are happening in the ministry I want you to be encouraged by Joseph’s story today and know that your partnership supplies the means to reach the Josephs.

Thank you.

Mike Congrove

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Adjumani Testimonies

Adjumani Testimonies

A Witch Acknowledges Jesus’ Supernatural Power:

There was a woman who was a witch in the community of Olwi. After watching Jesus film, she saw how Jesus cast out demons out of the demon possessed person. She immediately submitted herself to the feet of Jesus as Lord and Savior, because she realized Jesus’ power is beyond human power and thereafter she was baptized with others on the following day.

Unforgiving In-Laws Find Reconciliation in Jesus:

There were two parties of in-laws who had conflict amongst themselves even no greetings. But after the Jesus film and discipleship training, they both came and forgave one another and shook hands in front of the whole congregation.

Separated Couple Find Love in the Savior of the World:

Moses, a resident of Laropi, Moyo District, had separated with his wife before coming to Jesus. What happened to him after watching how Jesus sacrificed himself to bear our sin on the cross, changed him forever. Moses became courageous enough to ask forgiveness from his wife and they started a new life by the end of our mission.


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Field Report: Jesus Film

Field Report: Jesus Film

“Praise God for all that he has done during this month. We have been in 5 local churches. We were able to reach 1,812 people with the Gospel, 157 given their lives to Christ and 59 attended discipleship class. As we head out to Iboa and to the other churches in Metu Sub-county, Moyo, pray for us so that our trip will be fruitful to the end of the month,”
– Julius Kajowuya


When and where did the Ministry activity take place?

Our Ministry activities are always in both Refugees and Nationals Communities.

Who participated?

The four active members of Jesus film experts and helpers in every location we go to.

What happened?

Church Pastors and members were telling that their churches were encouraged and strengthened with Jesus Film Ministry.

What praises/achievements?

Church members kept on adding and active disciple going on in various churches.

What areas of concern?

The Church members needed to be discipled in order to get more disciples.

What is the way forward for this Ministry Area?

Church leaders and members’ discipleship needed to be emphasized for better new converts discipleship.

How many heard the Gospel?

Five thousand seven hundred fifty five (5,755)

How many professed faith in Christ?

Two thousand four hundred sixty (2,460)

What story or testimony?

One women’s heart got broken with statement Jesus made when he was in agony of carrying the cross.

How many are you currently and actively discipling?

At least four people from every locations we visited – their homes were not recommended.

How often do you meet each disciple?

Because of wide coverage we still do meet – their names were not recommended.

What challenges do you have in discipleship?

  • This month, the weather has not been favourable because of rain on top less members of disciples.
  • Lack of discipleship stands still.

At least three best solutions to the challenges of discipline ship?

  • First discipline the church members.
  • Early church leaders meeting why Jesus Film Ministry is extended to their location.
  • Immediate discipleship materials be designed for the new coverts.

Outline upcoming Ministry activities:

We have planned next month to move to Lamwo district possible to strengthen both Refugees and Nationals Churches of Acholi Sub region. And in Moyo District, Metu Sub County and Lefori.

What are your most excited about?

God has brought people of South Sudan and Sudan into Refugee camps for his special purposes. Its not that he does not love them, but purifying the hearts and minds for his glory because when we are among the Refugees, people watch Jesus Films in Big numbers and with sincere hearts.

How can we pray for you?

Pray for Wisdom protection and guidance because we are working across the culture.

Do you feel encouraged in your Ministry?

I think we encouraged in many ways such as building many friends from cultures, people are learning the true words of God that is the only one to set them free.

What are your areas of need? What tools and resources do you lack to expand 

  • Health budget have to vote for each and individual health care.
  • New Testament Bibles and Bible tracts are in great need for discipleship.
  • Computer is highly needed for the Jesus Film department etc.


-Report by Mark Vukoni

photos from the field


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