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Job Opening - Full-time

Director of Women's Ministry, USA

This high-reward and challenging role will virtually build a women’s ministry within the Empower One network. We are looking for a proven, high-capacity leader who:

  • Seeks to create, develop, and execute a women’s ministry curriculum and discipleship program based on sound doctrine and naturally reproduces leaders alongside local churches and foundations. The curriculum may be off the shelf but will need to be contextualized to local African cultures with the help of our African women leaders.

  • Collaborates with our African women leaders, empowering and teaching women in Empower One’s locations in the most challenging places to reach in Africa, including Sudan, S Sudan, and Uganda.

  • Partners with African women in roles and responsibilities to spread the Gospel to the unreached people groups through spiritual growth, teaching, and training.

  • Communicates regularly with African women leaders to work alongside and coordinate participation in programs and US trips to advance the Gospel.

  • Encourages and prays alongside African women experiencing depression, loneliness, health, and trauma issues.

  • Creates and assists with a feedback loop to the African and American teams on women’s successes, needs, and struggles.

  • Facilitates female relationships between African churches and Western church women’s ministries.

  • Cultivates and helps to raise funds with US local churches to engage in trips and women’s initiatives through events, training, Bible studies, and local community group activities.

  • Provides support, shepherding, and encouragement to African teachers, mothers, children, and service workers to cultivate and grow their relationships in Empower One’s schools and flagship churches.


  • Evidence of spiritual maturity and high emotional health.

  • Solid Bible teaching experience.

  • Comfortable with fundraising and can demonstrate fundraising success.

  • Team builder that can deal with strong personalities – a good listener and problem solver.

Travel Requirements:

  • Leads 2-3 short-term yearly trips focused on spiritual education and women’s activities with local African women leaders and participants.

This is a full-time position. Initially, you will spend most of your time creating the curriculum and raising support. After that, you will be required to spend 25-30% of your time supporting fundraising with donors and US church partners. Training can be provided if required.

All inquiries should be sent to hr@empower-one.org