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Stories of lives being transformed by the Gospel, reports in the news and first hand field reports from our indigenous leaders. 

NEATS Testimonies

Meet some of our students who are training to become leaders and who have committed their lives to bring the gospel to the hard places.

Field Report: Congo 2

“It was the initiative of women trained in Bidi Bidi extension center to encourage, teach, and train fellow women to be involved in ministry.”

Field Report: Jesus Film

“The power of God through Jesus Christ is really transforming the lives of the communities we visited because people are responding to the Gospel through Jesus films.”

Aliziyo’s Story

“On July 18th, the team went to Ayiri village to do a prayer walk. It was not long when Aliziyo came out.”

Daniel’s Story

“Daniel Izakare, is the deacon of Ayiri First Baptist Church. He is also the stepson of Aliziyo. He was under demonic oppression for 10 years.”