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Stories of lives being transformed by the Gospel, reports in the news and first hand field reports from our indigenous leaders. 

Fred’s Story

“Fred had not been walking with God. Fred said, what made him to backslide was the death of his brother.”

The Kingdom of Christ is Moving

“Dingtama Bible School was open Saturday, April 27 in Upper Nile Regions with 30 Students Attending the Class.”

Field Report: Congo

“Let’s pray for the faithful preachers for these ministries in Congo, things seem to be a little bit new and different to some of them.”

Fatuma’s Story

“Fatuma, who acknowledged Jesus as the Lord of her life, said she has been brewing and selling alcohol for 13 years.”

Easter in Uganda

“Your prayers are needed for the will of God to be done brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Gear Up

gear up! Let's equip our partners in North East Africa by providing the necessary gear they need to accomplish their mission. Funds a NEATS students school fees for a year. bibles $15 provide a Bible Funds a NEATS students school fees for a year. $375 provide a case...

Death where is your sting?

Our outer shell has a 100 percent failure rate; however, Jesus defeated death. The Easter season reminds us of this good news.

Field Report: Congo

“In the second week of discipleship group meeting in Agiero village, a former Catholic catechist called Maurice decided to surrender to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.”

Evangelism Training

“Laropi Baptist Church had the honor of hosting a training on evangelism and discipleship…”

Event: Panzudu, DR Congo

“This mission was far different from any other missions we have gone to. There were a couple of things we noticed that made the mission different from others…”

Bidibidi Women’s Conference

“Various denominations sent women representatives to attend an all women conference at Joy Baptist Church, Yoyo settlement.”

The Fall of Bashir

Early this morning the Sudanese army placed Sudan president Omar al-Bashir under house arrest and conducted a military coup. Here is our response…