William Udar
DR Congo Regional Leader

“Since God has called us for service to impact the world for Christ, this church planting initiative contributes a lot to accelerate the completion of The Great Commission in the region. This initiative builds into our leadership training times to work on team building; it motivates our team to deal with new challenges; and creates opportunities for fellowship among the leadership team.

I am excited to see God transforming people’s lives, the growing commitment of church leaders for the work of God, and partnerships developing.”

William Udar was born in Mahagi, DRC. His family had very little growing up. His parents were Catholic and he remembers going to church every Sunday. By attending church, they thought they were already Christians. William’s father was carpenter, but he spent much of the family money drinking. William’s mother filled the role of looking after the needs of the family including school fees for the children. William recalls, “Life was miserable. I often felt sad and hopeless in that family. It was hard to organize my life. There was no peace at all in my life.”

In 1998, a Monday he remembers, “a servant of God visited me at my home; shared the word of God with me but I did not receive Jesus in my life that day. He left me with many booklets and tracks and requested me to read those booklets in my free time. When I read the booklets and the testimonies of many people who were facing the similar problems in their lives but now have peace because of Jesus Christ in their lives, I was challenged and realized that Jesus alone might be the solution to my problems too. Then on Sunday morning I went to an Evangelical church which is nearby my home and attended the services.

When the pastor invited people to receive Jesus Christ, I was the first person to go in front and made the decision to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. That very day, I got peace in my life and I joined the church.”

He is married to Francine and they have 7 children (5 daughters and 2 sons).

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"This congregation expresses their joy after receiving Alur Bibles. May God bless everyone who contributed for these precious gifts."

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