Tolbert Alochi
Uganda regional leader

Tolbert Alochi serves as the Empower One Uganda Regional Leader. Tolbert has a heart for evangelism and discipleship and desires to not only advance the gospel but also make sure disciples are firmly rooted in understanding.

Tolbert is originally from Paquach, Uganda. In 1986, he gave his life to Christ after hearing a man preaching the word of God in a small group setting. In 2007, he met David Kaya while Kaya was on a mission trip. He told Tolbert about the Bible School in Kajo Keji and encouraged him to come for some more training. Tolbert was part of the first graduating class of students from NEATS Bible School. He has continued to study and has received a certificate as well as a diploma from the school.

Tolbert has had some interesting opportunities to advance the gospel. He preached the gospel for three months in a SPLA Army barracks where he saw at least eight men become born again. There is now a church right in the middle of this barracks. He has also been invited by several radio stations to preach on their shows. 

Tolbert is married to Beatrice and they have eight children. Tolbert is a huge asset to the work of advancing the gospel!