Lonnah Asianzu
Communication Director

“I love the vision of Empower-One to reach 20 million plus people with the gospel of Jesus. I am passionate about lost souls, its a burden God placed in my heart from 2007 when I seriously ventured into missions and outreaches with Joseph Dradria.

At first I thought God called me to only intercede for lost souls and some nations but I was wrong. He called me to also reach out to them.

South Sudan is one of the nations God has impressed upon my heart. I am glad through Empower-One. I have been given the opportunity to fulfill some of the things God has called me to.”

Lonnah grew up in Kampala and spent a good deal of time with her grandma while her mother finished school. Lonnah’s mom remarried and as a young girl recalls a lot of quarrelling at home. “Anger and hatred consumed me so much that I feared I would commit a crime. I was afraid of myself,” she recalls.

While attending secondary school, Lonnah began attending evening devotions. She loved the devotions, the singing and praying but she remembers feeling incomplete. The following year, she and some of her friends decided to give their lives to Jesus. After just a few weeks, her friends began to go back to their old ways, but Lonnah did not look back. She joined the Scripture Union and became active in church. She still struggled with anger and sought God to free her from this bond. She prayed,

“God if you really saved me through your Son Jesus, please take away or deal with this anger. It embarrasses me. I don’t think you called me to be angry.”

God slowly released her of this built up anger. Every time she would begin to get angry, He filled her heart and mind with worship songs.

A few years later, she began searching for her birth father. Stumbling across his name in a editorial letter from a newspaper, she tracked him down. Their reunion has been rocky. He has not always been honest with her, but through God’s help, she has forgiven him.

Lonnah credits her grandma for pointing her to Jesus. She was a prayer warrior. She prayed for the salvation of her children and grandchildren. Now a wife and mother of three, Lonnah prays for her children to know Jesus.

Lonnah currently serves as the Communication & Information Direction with Empower One.

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