Week 4: How does a disciple live?

A Mission-Minded Family Prayer Guide

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learn together

What do fish and disciples have to do with each other?

While Jesus was on earth he asked 12 guys to become His disciples. When He asked two fisherman, Peter and Andrew, He said… 

 “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men...”

Matthew 4:19

Jesus was telling them that if they followed Him that they wouldn’t catch fish anymore but catch men. In other words, they would be just like Jesus and make disciples too. 

Jesus started with just 12 disciples and now there are millions all over the world! 

Are you a disciple of Jesus? Do you want to become one? Jesus has invited you be his disciple too, just like the fishermen.

They got up and started to follow Jesus. And that one decision changed their life and it changed the entire world.

It all starts when you decide to follow Jesus.

Speaking of making disciples, there’s someone we want you to meet!

this is Ismail, he’s a disciple maker

Ismail loves making disciples.

When Ismail first learned about Jesus, some friends told him about our school of church planting and Ismail decided he wanted to go.

Once he arrived at school he met James, one of our guest teachers.

After class each day Ismail and James would talk. Ismail was asking James questions about the Bible, what it means to ‘follow’ Jesus and what he should do next. 

James listened, and together they opened the Bible found answers to Ismail’s questions.

Fast forward several years. Since James and Ismail first met, Ismail started spending time with people like James did with him.

Ismail learned from James what it looks like to live like a disciple. Night after night, they spent time together—they were talking and learning, asking questions and looking in the Bible to see what God’s word says. 

And Ismail does that with other people… 321 people to be exact. And one of them is named John.

 “Really God has answered my prayer.

 And the main vision for me with John is to bring the gospel to the lost and to become someone who can also disciple another person to come to Christ.”


Want to know something extra fun about Ismail? 


Ismail has been making disciples, but he’s also been planting churches.

Can you guess how many churches he’s planted so far?

Four! That’s right. Ismail has planted four churches, and some of his 321 disciples are the ones leading those churches!


watch together

Watch this story of discipleship with Kaya, James, Ismail and John.


pray together

Specific ways to pray together as a family this week:

Pray that God strengthens and gives wisdom to those who are leading home groups during Covid-19.

Pray that God meets all the physical needs of refugees.  

• Pray that God strengthens and emboldens believers who are under house arrest in Sudan.

BONUS (just for Kids!)

To help you remember that Jesus wants us to help other people become his disciples too, try this activity with your family: Fishing Game


Things you’ll need:

 Post-it notes or Paper
• Scissors
• Paper clips
• A magnet
• Tape
• String
• A wooden spoon

To prepare the activity:

Step 1: cut out fish shapes from the post-its or paper. Make as many as you like! 

Step 2: attach a paperclip to each fish

Step 3: cut a piece of string, tape the magnet to one end and tie the other end to the wooden spoon (this will be your fishing pole)

TO Play:

See how many fish you can catch with your fishing pole! 

Jesus told his followers that a disciple who makes other disciples is like being a fisher of men. When you play this game, think about who you know that still needs to hear about Jesus, and ask God to help you share his love with them.

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