Week 3: what is a disciple?

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learn together

Can you think of someone who has taught you not just by what they say, but by how they live?

Imagine you’re in your classroom at school waiting for your teacher to start the day.

School has been out for a while now, but you can remember what it’s like, right?!

The bell rings, all the students (including you!) take a seat at their desk and your teacher begins. 

“Today’s lesson is: ‘How to be like me, the teacher.’”

She tells you to pay careful attention—that the way you learn to be like her is by listening and watching everything she does.

Well, being a student is like being a disciple. The word disciple means “learner.”

So if we are disciples, or learners of Jesus, then he is our teacher. 

But God uses so many different ways—like the Bible, our pastor, and prayerto teach us about who Jesus is.

 “Students are not greater than their teacher. But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.”

-Luke 6:40

And in Africa, we started a school just for disciples who want to become church planters!

Speaking of school, there’s someone we want you to meet!

meet our leader of leaders, moses owilli

Moses is a disciple, a dad, and what we call the “Academic Dean” for our School of Church Planting. 

An Academic Dean is kind of like a principal. He takes care of all the teachers and all the students in the school. He loves learning so much that he wants to help others learn, too.

But Moses doesn’t just love learning, he loves learning how to be like Jesus.

When Moses first learned about Jesus, he decided to follow him and become a disciple of Jesus. Then one day he had the chance to go to a school (kind of like ours!) to learn even more.

Moses was so excited to keep learning and becoming more like Jesus that he was giving up his sleep! He decided to work his job at night, just so he could study and learn about Jesus during the day.

And guess what he’s doing now? He’s helping other disciples learn how to be like Jesus, too.

 “The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to pour my life into other young men who are ready to share Christ with others.

God is raising up a new generation to speak and to personally live according to his instructions.”

-Moses Owilli

And you know what’s cool? The more you know Jesus, the more you’ll want to know him, too.

Want to know something extra fun about Moses? 

Moses first learned about Jesus when he was working in a market. 

Can you guess what type of market he was working in?

A fish market! That’s right. Moses learned about becoming a fisher of men (we’ll learn more about that next week) in an actual fish market. 

Here’s Moses with some of our other disciple-makers and teachers at our School of Church Planting!

Want to see what what it’s like to come to our school in Africa? Our friend Kaya would love to show you around!


watch together

Meet some of the teachers and students at our school.



pray together

Specific ways to pray together as the global church this week:

Pray that more and more people in South Sudan, Sudan, Chad, Congo, and Uganda become disciples of Jesus. 

There is a food shortage in the refugee camps; pray that God would provide and meet every need of every family. 

• Pray that the many organizations that serve the most vulnerable will have the necessary resources to continue their mission during and after Covid-19.

BONUS (for Kids + grown ups!)


Jesus is the best teacher. He shows us how to know and love God. We want to be a disciple of Jesus and learn from him. But God also gives us people in our lives who help us learn and grow. Think about a teacher you have. It could be one of your teachers at school. Maybe it’s your piano teacher or soccer coach. If you’re homeschooled, maybe you’re thinking of your mom! 

What are some of the things you love about your teacher? Are they super kind, really good at explaining things, or perhaps they just really make you love learning? Do you ever think about wanting to be like them when you grow up? Take some time to write them a note thanking them for some of those things.

Here are some ideas to get you going with your letter to your teacher:

•  Thank you for _____________.
I appreciate the way you ________________.
I hope I ______________ like you when I grow up.
I like when you ________________.
One thing I admire about you is ________________.

One thing is for sure, you will make your teacher’s day when you send them a note like this! God gave you special teachers to help you become better at different things, but the best teacher – and the one we most want to be like – is Jesus.

Hey Parents!

We want to encourage you to participate, too! Whether you write a note, share on social media or simply make a phone call, we think it’s important to acknowledge and thank those who have paved the way for us to grow in our faith.

Head to our Instagram or Facebook for a fun way to encourage the people who have discipled you to become more like Jesus.

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