Week 2: Who starts a church?

A Mission-Minded Family Prayer Guide

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Have you ever walked into your church and wondered, “who started this?”

Do you know who started your church? It didn’t just magically appear! Someone started your church so that people in your city could hear about Jesus and come together to obey and worship God.

A person who starts a church is called a church planter. It’s just like planting a seed. 

 I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.”

-1 Corinthians 3:6

A church planter plants the Gospel (just like a seed), telling others about Jesus and making disciples, but it’s God that makes it (us) grow.

As people come to faith in Jesus, the church planter will gather them and start a new church. That church planter will lead this new church and encourage those people to obey God and continue to take the Good News to those that don’t know Jesus yet.

Do you think you might want to plant a church one day? God might just be calling you to, or be on a team of people that starts a new church! Wouldn’t that be cool?

Speaking of church planters, there’s someone we want you to meet!

he’s 7ft tall, our friend david lual

This is David, he’s very, very tall. But guess what else? David is a church planter—of 19 churches to be exact. And he planted his very first church in the same place he was born, Aweil, South Sudan.

In the beginning David was nervous about planting a church. He had never done it before. But he wanted his friends and neighbors to know Jesus, because Jesus changed David’s life.

When he was younger, David tried really hard to be good. But no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t do it.

Then one day at church, David learned about Jesus. He learned he could never be a good enough person—but that was really good news, because God sent his son Jesus to be our helper—and not only to make us good, but new and like Jesus.

Remember how David wants all his friends and neighbors to know this Good News? Well, he started telling them. And after a while, David saw that they needed a church to help teach people about Jesus from the Bible. So David helped start a church in Awiel.

Oh, and remember how he was nervous at first? Well, according to David, it only takes a little bit of courage.

 After the first church I was encouraged because I felt God at work. It only takes a little bit of courage on my part, and by stepping out in faith God takes charge.”

-David Lual

A few years later David planted a second church and can you guess where they started? At home!

Want to know something extra fun about David? 


David is very tall, but he’s actually not the tallest member of his family. 

Can you guess who is the tallest in David’s family?

His little brother! That’s right. David is 7 feet tall, but his younger brother is even taller—just a little bit! 

Here’s a picture of David baptizing someone. 

Look close and you’ll see David is really quite tall!


watch together


pray together

Specific ways to pray together as a family this week:

Pray that all of Africa will have access to the Gospel, so that they can know Jesus and His love.

Pray that God gives wisdom and strength for both US pastors and African pastors, as they shepherd their churches through this crisis.  

• Pray that God raises up more church planters that will take the Gospel to the unreached.

BONUS (just for Kids!)

To help you remember that a person who starts a new church is called a church planter, try this craft with your family: Make a Handprint Flowerpot


Things you’ll need:

 Paper (printer paper or construction paper if you have it)
• Crayons or color pencils
• Bonus! Paint or tissue paper

Step 1: Take one piece of printer paper and draw a flowerpot shape at the bottom. Color it brown. Or take one piece of brown construction paper and cut a flowerpot shape out of it. Glue it to the bottom of another piece of construction paper.

Step 2: Trace your handprint above the pot with your fingers spread out like flower stems. Color your handprint green. Or trace your handprint on green construction paper, cut it out, and glue it above the flowerpot.

Step 3: Create a flower on each finger stem – you can draw it, glue on scrunched-up tissue paper, paint it – whatever you have at home, feel free to get creative!

When you look at your handprint flowerpot, we hope it reminds you that it takes lots of hands working together to plant a church! When a church planter plants the seeds of the gospel by telling others about Jesus, God makes those gospel seeds GROW into His church! How exciting!

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