Mary is why
Empower One Exists.

Mary was living in South Sudan with her family when war broke out.

Her husband was shot and killed, leaving her with six biological children, plus three orphans she raises. She gathered the children and together they walked 47 miles to aUN refugee intake center. During that long walk, she crossed through the Democratic Republic of Congo. More unspeakable tragedy struck. They ran into rebels, she was assaulted, and became pregnant.

Finally, she made it to a refugee settlement in Northern Uganda where she found the wife of one of Empower One’s leaders. Here’s what he wrote…

 “When I found her [and saw] her condition, my heart forced me to shed tears. I thought it is best to share the love of Christ with her so that she will have a peace of mind. God enabled me to share with her His word. She happily embraced Christ as I explained to her. One thing she told me yesterday is that she feels happy and she feels everything she lost has come back.”

 Only Jesus can comfort and heal Mary*. She is why we exist.

*Not her real name.

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