Tinate Parik!

Thank you for making empowerment day our best yet!

We asked you to match $49K, and God used you to do it.

Thank you so much! With the match, together we raised $99,929 on Empowerment Day to help fund NEATS. Praise the Lord and thank you for your generosity. Thanks to you we can train more guys like Ismail.


The NEATS Main Campus’ entire operating budget is $106,780. So, we’re keeping the donation page open and praying to see NEATS 100% funded this month.

Thank you for being the best ministry partners we could hope for.


–The Empower One team

“I want to humbly appreciate you donors, who are giving your little coin, your little money, to support neats.”

-Moses Owili,
NEATS Academic Dean

Your contribution is doing a very big work in the lives of these men and their families and is shaping them for leadership.

Our hope is with the God who we trust – a God of peace – that peace is going to come back to South Sudan. We would love to see a nation who is going to worship God in truth and spirit.

That is our desire, that is what we want to see.

I want to say my humble appreciation to Empower One for the work they have done in supporting the school in helping and training these men.

-Moses Owili, NEATS Academic Dean

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