We’re back! This past week, we were able to share the gospel with about 700 men, women and children in northern Uganda. Ten of whom we can now call brothers and sisters! Thank you for your prayer coverage and financial support to help make this trip possible. Pictures always share the story better than I ever could. Below are a few highlights from our trip.

Kaysen had the opportunity to share at an elementary school to over 500 students.

“This trip I took to Uganda was an amazing experience!! It was super fun and eye opening! One of my favorite parts was when these two young girls came to Christ! They had heard about Jesus, but just were not sure; so we reassured them and they came to Christ. It was a beautiful moment!! I am very glad I came on this trip and I’m ready for future trips and experiences!”

This is Tommy’s second trip. He fit right in.

At Cornerstone Church, Imvepi:
“My favorite moment was at Cornerstone. They had such hunger after listening to the gospel. The questions kept coming. And as a team, we were able to use the Bible to show them the answers. This was so powerful because it showed us all that we as men don’t have all the answers and God’s Word stands the test of time. It was true then, now and forever.”

“Our last stop that day was to visit with a group of mamas and children who were gathered in the shade.  We asked if any of them had attended the showing of the Jesus film the night before. They all responded yes, but that they didn’t understand the part about Jesus dying.  So I asked if I could explain what it was about.  After presenting the gospel, two of the mamas said they wanted
to give their lives to Christ! “

Mollie taught a bit about spiritual giftedness and unity in the church.

Here, I’m teaching on boldness in sharing the gospel. Looks like I was really trying to drive home my point!

Sunday, Mollie and I worshipped at Swinga Church. My team in January helped launch this church. 

We were able to use sports as a platform to share the gospel with some students. Thanks to all of you who donated balls for us to share.

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