We walked into the camp administrator’s office last week. He’d been on the job 18 months. He was tired and overwhelmed, and he shared a statistic that surprised me:

“We have 400 new arrivals every week. They talk of peace, but there must not be peace when we have so many coming.”

A new arrival’s home before she can build a more permanent home.

Most of South Sudan has calmed down, but in the south-central, and southwest hundreds are still fleeing their homes, weekly. It was a gut punch. Hasn’t there been enough suffering?

I’m writing this from just outside several refugee camps in Northern Uganda where about 1.3 million South Sudanese refugees still live. My guide is Jackson Songa, pictured above. He’s Empower One’s Uganda Country Director, which includes all of these refugee camps. He’s tall, the third of 10 children, soft-spoken, extremely detail-oriented, and cares deeply about the gospel and his people.

He took our group to a water well that a foundation out of Austin helped drill near a few churches we helped start. A drilling company had tried that area before but came up dry. This one hit such a gusher that another group out of South Carolina joined the effort and created a whole water system that supplies clean water for 10,000 refugees, every day!

Solar energy drives the pump in the blue house that sends water to 42 filling stations, serving 10k refugees, every day.

Your support supplies the leaders who help start the churches in these communities. A foundation supplied the water well. A ministry expanded the reach to 42 drinking stations, and counting.

The body of Christ working together to meet spiritual and physical needs for a traumatized people. Thanks for being a part of showing God’s love to a struggling people.

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