My house is acquainted with death. My wife, Ali, coordinates funerals at our local church, so it’s a more regular topic and occurrence for us than most. Many of you remember our shock at losing Todd Szalkowski in January 2017. Over the years we’ve lost church planters and bible school teachers because of illnesses. We’ve had co-laborers martyred for their faith. Our African team was particularly distraught when a beloved nursery school teacher and administrator passed away a few years ago.  These words may stir up a painful memory of loss in your own life. The world is broken.

Death is a reality for each of us, and one can only imagine how Jesus’ disciples must have felt Friday night and all day Saturday after his crucifixion and death. Many of us will attend a remembrance with a service at our churches that ends in darkness to symbolize that time.

Our outer shell has a 100 percent failure rate; however, Jesus defeated death. Our friends and loved ones mentioned above have seen their faith in Jesus realized. Through His shed blood, they defeated death with Him.

The Easter season reminds us of this good news. Death, where is your sting? Jesus has and will remove it for those who trust Him. God raised Him from the dead. It’s what pushes us forward in this mission to bring the gospel to those who’ve not heard it in East Africa.

This Easter we will remember and celebrate knowing a God who humbled himself by taking on our form, then willingly sacrificed Himself for our salvation. Those who haven’t heard this in East Africa more than deserve to hear this great news, they must hear it.

Happy Easter. Happy Resurrection. Thank you for being a part of bringing this message of hope and life, not death, to the unreached.

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