The continuous planting of the Gospel and gathering believers into a local church is the single most important strategy to see people come to faith, to deepen their relationship with Christ and further the advancement of His Kingdom.


Open  10 new regions that are less than 2% evangelized

(Coming in 2019)

Train 280 existing churches to reproduce

of 1200


Increase church plants from 163 to 1200

church planting INITIATIVES

open unreached areas

Missionaries will be sent to 10 open areas that are unreached and where we currently are not working. Some of these regions include: South Sudan, Ugandan-refugee camps, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

philip ministry

We are in the process of raising up key leadership whose primary focus will be the equipping and strengthening of the local church through this ministry. Please be in prayer for these leaders as they prepare for the launch of The Phillip ministry in 2019.

church plants

Biblically trained church planters will be sent to start new churches, spread the Gospel, and build community in strategically important areas to see people come to faith.



Read these field reports and stories to stay connected to how God is growing His church in North East Africa.

Fear Not For I Am With You

“Even though they try to stop us for doing the work that day, it was too late for them because before the man came we had already won 185 souls to Christ.”

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These are our National Ministry Partners that are leading our church planting efforts in North East Africa.

Tolbert Alochi

N. Uganda Region

William Udar

DR Congo Region

John Monychol

South Sudan Region


North East Africa


North East Africa