God is working His ways for us.

We are so grateful to the Almighty God for His abundant love, care and protection upon each one of us across the world.

We know it is not yet easy amidst Covid-19 to stand strongly, supporting and praying for us and the people of DR Congo. We are asking God’s blessing and good health upon each and every one of you and your family members. Through your prayers, God is working His ways for us.

Therefore, through this month, God has been so faithful to us. While there was some minor sickness, every team member is fine including our Pastors.

In DR Congo, the government has unlocked places of worship with guidelines to follow from Sunday, August 16, 2020. Christians resumed worship together in their different Churches. We request the Empower One team to pray for the Christians since the Coronavirus rate in DR Congo is still on increase.

Some of the active Pastors, whom God called for His ministry, did a lot of work in reaching the Christians and the non-Christians with the gospel of Christ.

The team is so much delighted to report to you that through Empower One Africa, different denominations have joined hands to work together in one spirit in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Eastern Cluster

There are 18 Baptist Churches located within The Eastern Cluster in DR Congo. With the help of God, Pastors were able to travel and move in different places and homes to share the Word of God with Christians of different denominations.

Our mission is to reach every one with the Word of God during this time of Covid-19 and encourage them to continue serving God.

This is because many are getting growing weaker every day in their salvation. More than 300 numbers of people were reached with gospel this month and yearning for the Word so much. There were 55 people who received Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. 

Pastors from different Churches are trying to nurture and train young people to able to know, understand, analyze and interpret the Word of God. This will help the Pastors in spreading the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Currently, 57 people are being disciple in most of these Churches. Pray with us for them, so that they will stand strong to preach the gospel of salvation to those who are lost in this world.

The Northern Cluster

There were 15 Churches in the Northern Cluster, but because of civil war many Christians have been scattered. Currently, there are 9 Baptist Churches operating.

There was a vigorous ministry which took place this month. Evangelism ministry was done in Sayo, Alula and Djalasiga. 500 people heard the Word of God, 35 people received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and 3 people were baptized. With the information we got from Pastor Japiem, there is a little bit of understanding and peace started prevailing between Lendu and other tribes.

Thank you for your prayers and continue praying for the total peace in this region.

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